20160429 - Master of his own DEMISE!

20160429 - Up in the am and in to work. Spent the day in the office having meetings and calls. Ended the day late finishing an application I am building to track receipts. Headed to the ballfield to see D play, I got there as he popped out. He is now the starting catcher and is getting back in the grove of catching. They lost and I grabbed G and we headed to Home Depot to get some pipe fittings and then to Meijer to get some timers. We swung through KFC to grab dinner then headed home as G selected 'walk-up songs' on my phone. Home and the neighbor was over talking to L, G vanished to the trampoline with a little buddy and J&I started eating. D got home and ate his BWs then headed for the shower. After D's shower J&I headed to the basement where J cut out a 3 & 5/8s section of the hot water line.
We drained the water and then installed our new normally open valve and iDevices switch. We turned the water back on, tightened a leak and then J ran upstairs to turn on the hot water. All I had to say was 'Hey Siri, turn on the cold water' and she woke up, set power through the switch, and instantly the hot water to the bathrooms was OFF! No more long showers for the Winger boys }:-)