20140827 + Highway Day

20140827 + Up and ready D&I headed down for bfast at the hotel. We had a good bfast and then walked a couple of blocks to get on the Megabus at 9 to head back to Columbus. We thought we would have plenty of room and were caught separated wit strangers sitting next to us... The guy sitting next to D was playing his music so loud through his headphones that the entire bus could hear it, and the guy that sat next to me was on the phone the entire way from Chicago to Indianapolis }:-| when we got to Indy we all got off the bus to stretch. D&I got back on early and he moved up to sit with me. The talker was not thrilled he lost his windshield seat, but I just stated 'he is my son an he is sitting here', that was the end of that discussion... This put the talker and music man together :-)  On to a truck stop somewhere on 70 and we climbed out for lunch at Burger King. More windshield time and we got home about 5pm. 
LJ&G picked us up and we took an alternative route home to avoid the stoplights that were out due to no electricity... Home for seconds and L&J to his soccer practice and D to the ice cream place with his girl. I made G a pb&j and relaxed in the living room. D home and I created a hotspot so D can work on homework and G&I played some catch and then rummy which J joined when he got home.  All boys to bed and going to try and get some real rest for a big day at work tomorrow.