20140813 - 1st Day Back

20140813 - Up early and the boys all up and excited for the first day of school. I took Dylan to his first day of High School :-o I dropped him off at that gas station and he ran across the road to school. I then went back for another day of offsite meetings. After the meeting I ran to the Scout Store and got all the badges the Troop earned at camp. Home for a quick bite to eat and have the boys tell me all about their first days. Good reports all around. Then the boy, Doc & I loaded up and went over to the Mallon's to help take some of their deck apart. Home and All boys to bed. L helped me divide up the badges and put them in bags before she fell asleep on the couch. I then updated all the umpire sheets.
Pic of D on first day of Pre-School & High School