20140816 - G Walking the Dog

20140816 - UP in am, G&I ran D to the ball field to ump this morning. We chatted with a bunch of folks there and watched the start of some games.  Then we headed to the gas station for some supplies and McD's for some grub.  Home and got started on some desk work, L&J getting groceries.  Then I had to go pick D up from umping and make sure the other umps showed up.  Stopped and talked to a bunch of folks and then back home at the desk getting caught up.  D mowed, J&G went to park.  All home and L took J to a sleep over bday party.  D had his girlfriend over and they jumped on the trampoline, watched TV...  L a nervous wreck the entire time...  G&I went to a friends to let their dog out, dropped supplies off to J for his sleepover, swung by the bank and picked up pizzas.  We had dinner and then I took D's girl home.  Home and we watched the football movie 'Underdogs'.  A late night trip to let my buddy's dog out and then home to bed.