20140823 - Dork Twins

20140823 - Up and got some things done at the desk.  To the ball field for the day, except J, he went with his buddies to a movie.  G had a game and they lost.  D had his 1st game and they won!  I ran to get a hair cut, Wendy's to get food, post office, gas station, Goodwill to drop stuff off, bank to get cash. back to D's second game, he caught for a couple of innings and they won.  Home and cleaned up and we all headed to the Clippers game with stops to pick up J and Stephanie's sweatshirt.  We met Tom, Landon, Bill, Tiffany, Brady and Amaya at the game and had a BLAST!  The Clippers lost but we we had a great time and stayed for the fireworks after.  Home about midnight.