20140811 - Good Day and Knight

20140811 - In for a stressful day at work. The RIGHT thing was done and I and made preparations for a couple of days of offsite meetings. I got home just and L walked out, I took her back to the school for G's school orientation night. I then dropped D off at Scouts and ran home to get a couple of things done. I then loaded up the stuff, got Doc and headed to the church to meet some of the Gahanna Modern Day Knight dads. We set up for the Knighting Ceremony in a pavilion behind the church. Pretty soon the 4 boys heading to high school in 2 days showed up. They went to the 3 stations of Truth, Knowledge and Faith. They took the Oath and were knighted and presented their swords. Very Cool! We all headed back to our house to sit on the porch and chat for a bit (found another feather). What a really nice evening and great boys.