20140825 - Overnight Road

20140825 - Up with only one hour of sleep and in to work. Had a list of things I needed to get done today before I left and finished up right at 5:30. Headed home and got things packed up. Saw the fam for a bit when J got home from soccer and we had a mini bday part for D as the rest of the family would not see him on his actual bday for the first time since he was born (insert L crying here).  


Penn came over and carried D&I downtown where we waited for the Megabus. The bus showed up, D&I sat in the front seats on the top deck and we headed for Chicago.  Sitting up front and that high made us feel like we were going to hit every stoplight and bridge we came to :-s  the bus stopped at OSU and then on to Cincinnati. From there we went to Indianapolis and then on to Chicago.  We got use to the bouncing and pitching on the bus, like being on a boat, and were able to get some sleep.