20140810 - 66 & J's Dad & Me Day

20140810 - Up in the am and we had a bday bfast with Gma&paW.  GpaW turned 66 today and we got to watch him open his presents.  Then J&I loaded up and headed to Cedar Point for his Dad & Me Day.  He picked it, he wanted to ride roller coasters and man did we!  We got to the park in good time and decided to get the Fast Pass for a couple extra bucks (this is a GREAT IDEA if you ever go, it knocked HOURS off waiting for us).  We got through the gate and went counterclockwise around the park hitting every ride that wasn't a 'kiddie' ride.  Some I was scared to go on, some J was scared to go on.  But we forced each other to accomplish our goal of riding every thrill ride in the park.  With our Fast Pass bracelets we were able to walk right past people that were waiting for 1.5 hours and get on rides in no more than 15 minutes.

We ended up riding most rides twice!  IN THE FRONT ROW!!!  Our favorites were Gate Keeper, Raptor, Millennium, Top Thrill Dragster and the BEST was the Maverick. 

While waiting in one of the lines I looked down and there it was...  a feather :-)

In another of our short waits J enjoyed listening to a family playing word association games to kill the time.

We made two complete loops around the park.  Hitting everything the first time and then going back and getting the front car on our favorites the second.  We loaded the Maverick as the sun went down and it was a pretty sight.

We closed the park down.  Watched a light and music show and burned up every spare $ he could find trying to win a huge stuffed animal. 

Just look at his face.  Jack was thrilled with himself and had a wonderful day, using the new deodorant I had gotten him (for the 'talk' about how his body was going to start changing...) and having a great time, just me and him, having nothing but fun.  He is a great boy!  One of my favorite days for sure!