20140815 + 'Fumes

20140815 + Up early and got D delivered to school.  In to work and got my morning desk stuff done and out to the floor, spent the remainder of the day there.  Left work at 6pm and just made it to the end of D's game.  Apparently D had an awesome catch that made both side cheer when he caught it over the shoulder ' Willy Mays Style'.  When I got there there was several extra people there, Gma&paW and Stephanie.  Stephanie is very nice outgoing young lady that is a 'friend' of D's...  D's team won and after the game we all headed to Max & Erma's for a nice dinner.  Home and all to bed in good time.  It looks like the 'fumes are kicking in...  Perfumes & sooon Gas Fumes...  I couldn't sleep, up till 6am trying to get a project done for work.