20140809 - Poles & Bowls

20140809 - Up in the am and took all the boys + Conor to the Scouts Poles & Bowls event.  The boys had a fishing derby (poles) and I made ice cream (for the bowls).  I ran to McD's to get us some lunch and we ate at the park and had wonderful ice cream.  Home for a quick change and then G&I on to baseball practice. Home for another quick change and then J&I headed up to the Farm.  We stopped at CVS on the way out and J got to smell and pick out some deodorant, and we got some candy for the drive.  We headed North and had a good talk about the deodorant and the changes to his body that are coming :-o  Then he reminded me I should have gotten him something for his sweaty feet :-)   We got to the Farm and hung out for only a couple of minutes before heading in to Mansfield to have dinner with Gma&paW and John and Mary.  Then we all went to see the play 'Peter Pan' at the Renaissance Theater.  It was a good play and we all enjoyed it.  Home and J and GmaW hanging out.  I spent nearly 2 hours writing an email about something that is bothering me very much at work.  I sent it and then got to bed about 1am.