20111203 - Lights Birds 4yrs and 26 Games

20111203 - Up super early to pick D up from the Scout overnight bowling event. Then out putting lights on the house and running cords everywhere...

D&J hung J's birdhouse.

Then we all went to Samer's 4th bday party. The boys were quite terrible an we left early, got home and all 3 were put down for a nap.

I ran some errands and discovered I left my check card at home so the errands were a bust... I stopped by the Pettit's on the way home to help with their PC. Home and the boys slowly waking up, in much better spirits... We ate and played Blokus until our friends arrived. We had 26 people over for a family games and desserts night. People were playing all sorts of games all over the house.

We all gathered at one point and sang the Twelve days of Christmas, everyone having a different part. People stayed full midnight and everyone had a good time and we ate way to much of the yummy desserts.