20111128 - Eye, Guns and Kilts

20111128 -Up and D&I out and about.  First we got the Isuzu from the oil change then to the Occularist to get me eye cleaned up. then on to the State Farm Office for an insurance review. We were in Dublin so we ducted into the Dublin Village Tavern to get some lunch.  We dropped off some thank you notes my Cub Scouts wrote to the Officer that gave us the tour of the heliport and then headed to Vance's to look at guns...  3 hours later we walked out with an arsenal...  Home we picked up LJ&G and headed to the Tilted Kilt for dinner :-o not the best place for a 'family dinner'.  I enjoyed it...  Home, boys cleaned up and and watched the rest of the Terra Nova Season 1 with the fam...  J in his bathrobe :-)