20111226 - Build it

20111226 -Up and out with D running errands, McDs, City Hall (closed), Home Depot - lights for the playroom, Best Buy Easton (no Blu-ray players...), Lowe's - wood for project, Airsoft store - D pellets, Best Buy Polaris  (had Blu-ray players), home for lunch.  I had some helpers in between their battles and hide and seek.  Looks from the picture the J will make a good foreman someday...

D&J helped me finish the clothes box while G took a nap.  It looks, smells and works great!

Dinner with everyone and then new lights up int he playroom and some games, we LOVE 'LEGO the life of George', even L does!  It is a must have for LEGO and iPhone/iTouch owners!!!!  Down to play Wii with D&J and then watching some TV with the fam.  Then I took D to the Bible Bangers meeting.  He really liked that.  Home and put in the new Blu-ray player in