20111225 -The pitter-patter of little feet on the steps...  Rushing down to see the tree and presents...  The smiles and excitement on their faces...  They opened their stocking first and found lots of cool little things.

Then L, Gma&paB and I were n position to watch the opening begin.  They did good and things were received well and liked.

D got an water bag for hiking her wore the entire day, an Air-soft pistol he can't put down and an iPhone. 

J got the Wii Skylander game and guys and ran screaming up the stairs when he opened his very own iTouch.

G got the Captain America shield, little Playmobile sets and D's hand-me-down iTouch.

L got a globe, waffle maker and gift card.

I got my Blu-ray player and memories to last me forever...
And of course everyone got LEGOs... I even got a LEGO Bible!

We but our stuff together, tried it out, played and had a good old time!

Dressed and together we headed to Rich and Nicole's for lunch and more stuff...

Lunch was good, except J spilled some pop on my lap.  Then just as I was about to try my first ever taste of a brussels sprout D spilled another HUGE glass of pop in my lap.  I guess the sprouts and me were not meant to be...

Home for a visit and dinner with Gma&paW.  We had a nice meal and loads of food and desserts.  The boys helped them open their presents and looked through the picture book for GmaW.  An excited, happy group of little guys in this house tonight.  I find it hard to relate this commercialized event with the celebration of the birth of our Savior...  I can't imagine these little fellows can.  I hope they grow into it, we're doing what we can to teach them...  My best present was being surrounded by my family today, all healthy, all happy.  Praise God for that.