20111213 - Elf Eyes

20111213 - UP, at desk, good meeting w/ boss. L had a work Bday party so I took Lilly to get G, he is feeling bad. Then the 3 of us went to McD's for lunch. Lilly even got a hamburger but L was home when we got back and stole Lilly's burger :-o I got some more work done and the mail. In the mail was a fabulous new hat GmaW sent me just in time for me to go to J&D's schools to pick th up for the eye Dr. visit.

We all got ours eye checked and dilated. Good report this year: J does not need glasses and D&I's eyes changed so little that we don't need to get new glasses :-) We stopped at a friends house on the home to help with his PC and see the Christmas lights and train. Home and D Cooked burgers on the grill and Mac-n-cheese for dinner. We loaded up for a trip out to see lights and a buddy's house to see the skating rink he built in his backyard. Good idea! ;-)

Back home and we settled in to watch a movie and I got a text...  D&I had forgotten he had a Scout Board of Review tonight  :-o  We ran out the door and got there just in time.  D went i and had his review and passed.  he is now officially a 'Tenderfoot' Scout.  Way to go D!