20111217 - Fryd

20111217 - Up and made a list checked it three times and headed out with D&J. We dropped of a friends sweatshirt; help the neighbor lady move some furniture; got some socks and gas cans at Meijer; got a fan, lightbulb and investigated ice hockey rink supplies; lunch at Panda Express; Giant Eagle for candy bars, gift cards, gas and propane; Blockbuster to swap a movie and a game; dropped off Scout stuff for Monday's meeting; McDonald's for more gift cards and then home. Once home D&I swapped out the ceiling fan in the playroom. The boys headed down to play the Wii and the bird got loose and L&I chased it around... Dinner and L made another attempt at getting D a winter coat (too small this time). The boys and I stayed home and played Stratego, Chess, Rummy and G's favorite new game, 52 pickup :-)  
L wrapping presents while we watched movies