20111211 + Quiet Visits

20111211 - Up to a quiet house and L&I grabbed D and headed out.  We stopped and got gas for $1.08 a gallon with our Giant Eagle points!  WOW!!!  On the road, L drove D&I to Newcomerstown to get J&G.  We had lunch, hung out, and put away a ginormous ladder w/ GpaB. I drove home. We ate fast, I had Scout meeting. Got taco bell. Watched Xmas show with boys. Watched movie with L.

20111210 + Up and out with D all day shopping.  We had lunch at Waffle House and hit a couple stores to get bracelet supplies and gifts for LJ&G.  J&G are @ GptsB for the polar express ride tonight and L&I dropped D off at Seths' house to spend the night.  L&I headed to Sunbury to her friend Steph's 40th bday party.  It was nice and then the band played and it was a bit too loud... (I guess were old)...  Home to a quiet empty house.