100304 - Blue & Gold

100304 - Up and full day of work.  Out of the office and Jack not feeling too well so L&J stayed home for dinner.  I packed up D&G and we headed to the annual scouts Blue and Gold Banquet.  We got there and got our seats and then boys being boys vanished, returning periodically with a piece of pizza or a cookie.  Both of my boys did reasonably well, for the setting, with listening, but then the work calls started coming in and I spent most of the evening in the hall on the phone with various folks from around the world trying to solve a problem.  This stress, plus the noise and general mayhem took me over the edge and we packed up and headed home home so I could help solve the work issue (4 hours...).
I had a talk with D tonight about if he really wanted to do Scouts anymore.  I feel that we are just giving up on too many things because it is too far to drive or there is always an argument that 'I don't want to go to ___, I hate it'...  Well when presenting it to him logically he understood the frustration and realizes if he commits to a program he is going to have to follow through and no more 'I hate its...'.  So I think we will stay in a bit longer.  He is a good boy and learning how to make decisions.

100303 - Typical day.  In the evening I spent a bunch of time with D in the shop finishing his Pinewood Derby car.  It looks really cool this year and we have everything set on it just right.  D really enjoys doing with me and I love it when he says 'I wish we could do this more often, just me and you doing stuff like this.' and it breaks my heart at the same time because I need to spread myself out so much with the other boys, who want me around and I want to be with just as much, and trying to find any moment to talk to L, and work, and this, and running here, and that, and going over there...

100302 - Fast day and then out for a makeup basketball game for D.  It was a really good game.  They lost, but D was his most aggressive yet.  Not as aggressive as the kick that tried a full blown Mahamid Ali right during the game (luckily missed) and made everyone gasp in horror...  Back in the car after that game and a short lecture from me on how unacceptable the throwing of punches was (in less of course you are in full gear at karate and are suppose to be doing so...) during a game, and to STAY AWAY FROM THAT KID!