100312 + Bubbles Ready

100312 + Up  and working, getting everything finished up on all fronts before the trip this weekend.  I heard lots of laughing outside my window today and found LJ&G blowing bubble out front, thinking that Spring was here.
After work I loaded the family up and they sat in the car while I got a quick hair cut.  We dropped off some letters and then hit target for some last minute supplies.  We had a nice dinner at Steak & Shake and then Lori realized she was hot... now she has a fever...
Home got Lori medicated and I stayed up with the boys watching 'Pale Rider' & 'Kelly's Heros".  D&G stayed up way past their bed times with me, but J fell asleep not long into the first movie.  While we watched the movie D helped me decide which iPad and accessories to order :-D.
"All boys to bed" and off to get some rest myself.