100323 + Clashing

100323 + All up in the am, D had a tooth ache...  Worked a full day day and then time for a bit of sword fighting with G.  It ended as usaul: Grant learning several new words he shouldn't and my knuckles red and bleeding...
L ran D to the dentist to see about his 'toothach' and he came home with a plastic bag containing one of his molars partially eaten away by a GINORMOUS cavity...
We played some Pass Pigs, had some ice cream, got hair cuts and then 'All boys to bed'.  I stayed up watching LOST, doing some work and then watching basketball.

100322 - Back at the desk for a full day.  Brian to rental and 'collecting' for me...  D&I ran to the bank and then to the camera place get DVDs we are having made from old videos.  We had dinner, took the old PC from the playroom apart while we watched the old movies on the DVDs. 'All boys to bed' and L has the house to herself as I head out to meet the Bible Bangers.

100321 - All up and L&D to church so D could acolyte.  Andre, JG&I headed out to Best buy and a sports store.  We beat L&D home and J&G, two very tired boys, fell asleep.  Andre and I enjoyed the spring day and put together the baseball throw back contraption I got for D.  We had a late lunch and ran to pick D up from a b-day party, where he mangled his glasses...  So we stopped at the glasses store on the way home... In the afternoon my buddy Chris came over and we watched the Buckeyes on the big screen.  We had Andre all dressed up in OSU garb so other than his accent he wouldn't stick out much ;-)  We then had to deliver Andre to the airport for his long journey home.  The boys already miss him.
We then headed to Reynoldsburg to pick up a netPC for the playroom and swing by subway for dinner.  Bath and bed for the boys and I got the new PC working and set up.  To bed early tonight.