100330 - Far away Zoo

100330 - Up to the noise and the boys were ready to go to the zoo, the Columbus Zoo. Earlier in the week L had this crazy idea about going to the Toledo Zoo, which I convinced her was crazy to drive 6 hours to see some animals... Well when they were all excited to go to the Columbus Zoo, I thought, you know we can go to the Columbus Zoo any day of any week... L loves the Polar Bears and that is REALLY why she wanted to go to the Toledo Zoo... Sooo... Get your things Winger Boys, we are going on a road trip!!!!

We got loaded up and off we went. We took all the back roads and tried to find some geocaches on the way with no luck. But we did find the Toledo Zoo! We walked and walked, and saw all sorts of animals and then the Polar Bears! Wow these are awesome creatures!

There were lots of monkeys and snakes and bugs and really old neat buildings and a playground. Grant walked the entire day and was a real trooper. D loved taking pictures and J loved EVERYTHING. What a great Zoo they said, Can we come back?

After the cool zoo we headed north as everyone groaned, we want to go home, where are you taking us now? 'To Michigan!' I said, and the groans got even louder. I explained that this would be the only trip they would ever have to take to Michigan, it would only take us 10 minutes and they could at least said they went out of the state for vacation ;-) So where were we going??? To see an American Icon, Uncle Sam, the World's Largest of course!!!
AND TO TOP IT OFF, there was a geocache under his left foot!

We signed the book, took some stuff and got out of Michigan as fast as we could!

On the road we hit a Denny's for dinner and then took the back roads home through Findlay and other small towns and saw wonderful houses and interesting places.

Everyday is a road trip with us!