100325 - sNOw!?!?

100325 -UP and WHAT IS THIS??? SNOW? NO WAY!  I am SO DONE WITH SNOW!!!!  Worked fast, ate fast, went to Scouts with D.  He actually planned out a trip we are going to take on Spring Break next week to Hocking Hills.  Home and trying to relax.

100324 - Up worked all day.  Nice day outside and the family playing some catch in the backyard.  It turned ugly when G took ownership of J's baseball glove and refused to return it... So after dinner we headed to the stores.  First stop the glasses store AGAIN...  today D dropped his glasses and the arms broke off the damn things...  UGH!!!! then to Meijer for a new baseball glove for J, a new baseball tee for G and new bases for D.  I stayed up way too late watching movies.