100305 - Bobsledding

100305 - UP and a rough start with D this morning.  He got in a considerable amount of trouble and was being grounded.  However he was suppose to go to his buddy's house after school and Lori didn't think it was fair, as he had been looking forward to it all week.  So we gave him the choice to make:
  • You can go to your friends house after school and be grounded and do nothing this weekend (we are planning to go to the Farm, he knows this, and being grounded would mean he could not go with us...)
  • He could not go to his friends house (meaning he would have to explain to his friend why he could not now go) and then be allowed to go to the Farm.
Neither of these was a win win for him...
....Much thinking later D decided to explain to his friend what he had done this morning, and thus not be able to go home with him, but still be able to go to the Farm.  He left with for school with tears rolling down his face (L too).  But he made a choice.

I had a fast paced day trying to get tons of things done and in line.  Actually got most of them done and in good shape.  During the day Lori called the mother of the boy that D was suppose to go to after school  and explained the situation to her.  She was very understanding and appreciative that we stuck to it and were enforcing it.  L and I talked this over and came up with a plan...  D got home and I called him into the office and had a talk with him about his actions this morning and the decision he had to make.  I congratulated him on making that hard decision and told him to get his things ready to go to the Farm.  Still sad, but eager to go, he left the office.  I finished up my stuff and off we went.  but we had a surprise.  Because D made that hard decision and followed through with it, and especially since the friend we were going to see is a very nice little fellow, we picked D's friend up on the way to the Farm, he was going with us!

We got to the farm.  I surveyed the damage to the shed (WOW!!!) had a call to make, and then the snow pants went on and the sleds came out.  The snow had been freezing and thawing and had a really nice layer of ice on top and the hill in front of my Mom and Dad's house is one of the best in to sled down.  All the boys had a blast and set new distance records, almost reaching the road.  After a bazillion trips down the hill they ran in and got armored up to head to the barn for some 'shot the mommy' games and had even more fun.  The night was topped off by some fantastic Chinese food, a ping pong ball war and the finalization of plans for the annual Maple Syrup Day at the Farm.