100320 - Taste of USa

100320 - Woke up early by the natives wanting to see me after a long week away.  I was not the only thing they wanted to see...  Andre is with me to 'experience' us in the USA...  Oh and he got his fill...  Breakfast with the natives and then everyone up and out to the Pinewood Derby.
D had an exceptional race day!  He came in 2nd in his den!  His best year yet and we stayed for the finals.

More of Americana coming right up....  We hit the gas station to fill up our HUGE American gas guzzling SUV, get some tobacco and headed to the highway.  One last stop for lunch...  none other than... WHITE CASTLE for the unsuspecting Netherlander.  He LIKED IT!

We had a very pleasant drive up to the Farm and as we pulled in the driveway were greeted by two wild mustangs (Dusty & Nibbles) running wild in the front yard...  It was quite a welcoming committee.  We got out of the car, got our barn clothes and boots on and went down to help catch the wild horses and build them a new pen.  Andre was put to work straight away, no time for formalities on the Farm ;-)  After that experience he received a tour of barns and some history lessons.

We wanted to show Andre the Falls before it got dark so we took him up to the Camp and walked him back hundreds of years through time.  Told him the legends, showed him the faces on the rock walls, the bent trees at Hoppy's grave and searched for Indians in the pine forest.

On the way back to the Farm we stopped at Dulce's sugar shack and explained the art of making maple syrup and Grant even got to do the zip line!  Back to the Farm house for visit to the spring house, Farm house (including the attic) and all of the great things that come along with it.  See us American do have some history...  We finished the Farm visit off with some Chinese food from Chinatown and good conversation until the boys started falling asleep.  We got them loaded up and headed back home.  On the way I drove him through downtown Columbus, past the theaters, state house and pawn shops.
We had loads of good conversation you can't have everyday when working through the stuff we normally deal with...  We ended the night laughing and coughing incredibly hard with the Blue Collar comedy tour.