20240528 - G Crash

20240528 - Up in the am and to the desk. Pretty normal day until G called and I heard the panic in his voice... He said he was at Nick's and he just got hit and the car is totaled. I asked if he was ok, he said yes, I said ok I'll bee there in just a minute. I went out on the back porch and D was here chatting with L. I told them G was just in an accident up at Nick's. L turned white and D said I bet that is the accident we just heard. It was... We jumped in D's car and traffic was already a mess. We got to G and he was ok. The girl that hit him was ok too. There were no skid marks, so she didn't even try to stop. G said the road was clear when he backed out, then he saw her and tried to pull back in to the driveway real quick, but she got him. The police were there and G got sighted for the accident... I drove the car home and we got it in the drive. I called insurance and our lawyer and have plan. Finished the day and L&I ran and picked up the baseball senior plaques for tomorrow.