20240513 - My View

20240513 - Up in the am and to the office in Worthington. CB here, but spent the weekend in the hospital with more kidney stones, and left early. Brian, Cory and I to lunch. We decided to eat outside for the first time this year and got dusted by the road work... Back to the office to clean up email, get some things done and headed out early to get to the round 1 tournament game. Home, got my stuff and headed to the field. It was a busy night up in the press box and the stands were loaded. It was a tournament game so I couldn't do all my usual sounds, had to remain neutral... The boys played a good game and won round 1! After the game I headed to Bible Bangers and hung out with the guys a bit. Home and up late watching YouTube videos on the Apocryphal book of Baruch.