20240507 - Pineapples & Shave

20240507 - Up in the am and drove the big ol work truck back tot he office to meet the AT&T guy there so he could put new service in to our server room. I had a call and got a couple of things done while he did the install. Once he was done I packed up and headed to the home office, had to jump on a call as soon as I walked in the door with the team from QuickBase about building a new tracking tool. Finished that call and ran to the Gahanna Jefferson Public School main office for a meeting about the new fieldhouse we are trying to get built. Home and got a couple more things done for work. It started POURING so our game got cancelled for tonight. It was senior night and L was out at the field with bunch of stuff that she had to pack up quick and get home. I took a couple pineapples and carved them out and then filled them with pulled pork, bacon bits, pineapple and bbq sauce, topped with walnuts and cranberries and threw them in the smoker for dinner. They were a hit! L&I gave Hazel a good spring shaving and then headed to bed.