20240514 - Too Much Butter

20240514 - Up in the am and to the desk. Helped Erin with a tax problem and after 2 hours decided I was just going to call the IRS and see what they really wanted. I talked to the guy for about 5 min, answered his questions and resolved the issue over the phone... Got more stuff done, shipped some ebay items, had the weekly IT call and took Hazel on a walk. Back to the desk to finish some stuff up and L home and cooked dinner. I finished the day and threw hazel's ball a bit. We ate and then headed to the theater to see 'Fall Guy', super cute movie. L had to leave the theater right at the end of the movie because she had too much butter on her popcorn and her stomach was going to burst... Swung by the post office on the way home and L up late not feeling well. G had a hitting lesson tonight.