20240508 - Sr. Night

20240508 - Up in the am and to the desk for a call with a provider. I wasn't happy with their product so got us a $100/mo discount! Got some email and other things done and then took Hazel on a walk. Finished up my day, L home and we headed to the ballfield for Sr. Night. L got stuff set up with Mel and I got the press box stuff ready. I ran the music and Randi did the Sr. announcements. it was a very nice ceremony and the boys almost lost the game. Bottom of 6 in a tie and G was first up. he broke his dry spell and got a single and then worked his way around the bases to put us up by 1. They held them in the top of 7 and pulled off the W! what a great ending to Sr. night! We got things cleaned up and then headed home. L&I walked down to Signatures and joined some of the Sr. families for dinner. It was a good night.