20240509 - Lesson on Saving

20240509 - Up in the am and headed over to the Worthington office. Got some work done, they brought in pizzas for lunch. Raining here but cleared up in early afternoon. Headed out a bit early to get to the game. It was a close game. G went 0-3 tonight, but they still won. Home and relaxing, G wanted to signup for some Xbox subscription for $17/mo, not without a job he isn’t… I thought I knew a trick, so looked it up and was able to convert my lesser annual subscription to the new thing he wanted by adding some gift cards to my current account. I spent $144 on the gift cards, he loaded them, and then we converted and got what he was looking for through April of 2026. So showed him how reading your emails and spending $144, rather than $425 on a monthly subscription, pays off… Watched some tv with L before heading to bed.