20240506 - Wet Chairs

20240506 - Up and in to the office. It was a busy morning and then we walked to Old Bag for lunch. After lunch I got a couple more things done and then headed to the storage unit in the big work truck to get chairs. I was able to fit 10 of them in there and headed out for deliveries just as it started to rain. I got to my buddy Scott Sampson's work and dropped off 4 of the chairs and then made my way across town in the monsoon to our baseball field where I got the other 6 chairs up in the press box and some candy delivered, and got soaking wet... Home and changed and L&I headed to Sparta OH for G's baseball game. It was a good game until the last inning when they decided to bunt against us, and we know we can't defend the bunt, so we lost the game... Home and frustrated with baseball. Called a couple guys and then talked to the Coach to get things squared away to finish off this week. In and watched some TV with L before heading to bed.