20240525 - Lots of Errands

20240525 - Up late and got myself around and headed out. First stop was a haircut, then on to the carwash to get L's car cleaned up. I called L to get the Mother's Day code from the carwash gift card we got her and she couldn't find it... so spent time in the carwash office trying to recover it from the confirmation number I received when ordering it... no luck... Got her car washed, dried and vacd. On to Cartridge World to get new ink for the printer... the store no longer exists... on to Giant Eagle to get a prescription and ribs for this weekend... Giant Eagle for the first time had laterally only 2 little rack of ribs... they usually have loads of meat. So I looked for brisket = none, pork butt = none, pork loin = none. I was shocked. Across the road to try to cancel a checking account at Wright Pat Credit Union I opened when I thought I would use them for the loan on L's new car... they were closed... On to Kroger to see if they had any meat, they did! SO I loaded up, they were having a sale on brisket, so got one of those. Sale on ribs, so I got 1 each of baby back, St Lous and spareribs. Sale on pork shoulders and loins, so got 1 each of those. While I was waiting for the guy to find my St. Louis style ribs I wandered around the meat counter and ended up getting a whole salmon filet and a pound of cooked shrimp and cocktail sauce... Finally done shopping... Home and unloaded the meat... Got the salmon started and L&I headed out for a couple errands. We swung by the car lot to get her memorandum title and chatted with the guys a bit, our old neighbor Jim was there two days in a row looking at a car exactly like L's but 5 years newer. We then headed to a little nursery place so L could get flowers to put around her now exposed lamppost. Home and L planted her flowers while I got the lights on the back porch restrung. I then headed out front and installed 3 new exterior lights while L continued to move rocks. Got that done and hung the new flag, put up some signs in the garage and replaced the batteries in the front door lock. The salmon was almost done so L&I sat on the back patio with our pound of shrimp and sauce for an appetizer.
When the salmon was done I pulled it right out of the smoker and on to a foil pan where we took our forks and dug in. J appeared and took a huge chuck and came back for seconds. It is SO GOOD fresh. Cleaned up and head in, L&I watched a scarry movie, Monster. I then started another and L headed to bed. I headed in and watched a couple more episodes of Narcos while scrolling through Alibaba until too late.