20170530 - Little Henry

20170530 - Up in the am, D up early to drive DGF7 to practice, we told him to find a job while he's out, J up wanting to play Xbox which was diverted until chores get done, and I headed in to work. D had practice in Grove City today. The day was pretty stressful but productive. Finished the day and headed to Dave's warehouse to get some supplies and catch up. Then headed to the game D was umping, he did a great job and one of L's students, little Henry, was playing.  Home and hung out on the back porch. D&DGF7 showed up to cook s'mores for their 10 month anniversary ;-) J&G were all over them. L&I caught up on the busy day, they went to the pool all afternoon and gave Lilly a haircut.