20170502 - Cracked

20170502 - Up in the am to l saying 'I backed into your car'... She had to deliver some teacher appreciation things she worked on over the weekend. No good deed goes unpunished. In to work and another very fast full day. To D's game after work. IT WAS FREEZING and D was NOT PLAYING. FURIOUS as I got to watch a Varsity catcher they brought down and gave D's jersey to. D was in positive spirits, not sure how he does it, and coached 1st base and shook everyone's had as they came in from the field. I was going to talk to the coach about D's playing time and future based off a conversation with another dad, but yet another cautioned me to not waste my time as i will not change anything as the program has not changed for 20+ years... I held my tongue, ran home and got J and we met D at Moe's for dinner. Home and L&G home from G's practice. All boys cleaned up. D&I worked on his Eagle and merit badges. To bed and up late catching up.