20170523 + Hero Singer

20170523 + Up in the am and L&I headed to J's schools where he presented his 'Hero Speech'. The speech was about me and it was a very nice speech. Very proud of him and how big he is and all the skills he has. His speech was very touching and had some funny parts in it too. What a nice young man. After the speech L headed to work, I headed to the accountant to pick up our 2016 taxes. On to work to deal with an escalation right out of the gate. Finished a crazy fast day and headed home. D was leaving to ump a game as I pulled in, J was at the hardware store buying stuff for his projects and LG&I started dinner. J got home, ate and got dressed for his concert. Gma&paW arrived and we all headed to GMSW where we watched D ump for a bit and ran into Doc who was there to watch his grandson playing baseball at the game D was umping. We then headed in to watch J's last choir concert. It was better then the previous concerts. After the concert we picked D up and headed to Max & Erma's for a snack before heading home for the night.