20170520 - Back UP

20170520 - Up to early for a Saturday. LG&I to the ball fields where the boys played a good game. It was the only game for the day and the boys won. Home and L went in to school to clean things up. D reluctantly climbed the ladder to trim the ivy on the house (think it was his first time on a ladder since he fell off one at the rental), J got the mower belt back on and mowed the front and back yards, J fell asleep on the couch and I got some things done at the desk and helped D. Some friends stopped over, their son plays on G's team, to hang out and see if we are going to play more today. Bill & Tom stopped by too before their game. L&J headed to J's tournament soccer games. Everyone left in the early afternoon and D dropped me off at J's game and then got gas for the mowers. J's team won their first game, but lost the second, so they are done for the season. LJ&I headed to the video store where we got a movie and a couple pizzas. Home and started watching the movie and G's old team on GameChanger, they got smoked. After their game Bill, Tiff, Brady, Amaya, Tom and Landon stopped over for a beer and to tell us all about their game, they played an awesome team. About 11pm the email came through that G had an 8 am game and we had to be at the fields by 7 :-o everyone left and we all went to bed quick to try and get some sleep.