20170528 + Day with Friends

20170528 + Up in the am, got a couple of things done, L Lily & I took a walk and then LJG&I headed to Dresden for a cook out with the Kaufmans, a family from G's baseball team. D took DGF7 to her practice and then drove over to meet us for lunch. After lunch Kurt took me a tour of the town, high school where he works the boat launch and park, a bridge like the one in the Mothman Prophecy, the old canals, baseball fields, elementary and middle school and the world's largest basket. on the way out of town we stopped at Prospect Place Mansion where we took a self guided ghost tour; no ghosts... We then headed to the wilderness where they trap and fish and saw a huge black snake on the road. Back to the house and tried to take everyone out to see the the ghost mansion, but it was closed, so we headed to the world's largest basket and to get ice cream. From there LJD&DGF7 headed home and G&I headed to his practice in Granville and then to another players house, Beckett's, to check out the property and chill by the pond for a minute before headed home and calling it a night.