20170513 - Tear Down and Team Meeting

20170513 - Up in the am later that I had wanted, but apparently needed because I feel much better. DJ&I headed to a Scout's Eagle Project to help for a bit. Home and D off to see some of DGF7's softball game, J mowing and I am trying to catch up on the mountain of paperwork on my desk. G won his game today. D home we all packed quick and hit the road for Grove City where D met his Summer team and filled out some paperwork. D seemed very happy to be with this group of guys again. We then swung by Kevin's to pick up a charger for D's Surface, that he left at home, so no homework getting done on this trip... We swung through Subway and then headed to Cincinnati to meet up with L&G, we got there and swung through a Kroger to get a Mother's Day card and candy for L. To the hotel, saw L for 3 min before she headed to IKEA with some folks. I sat in the courtyard to keep an eye on our boys and any others that were around. Hung out talking to some of the dads until late and then headed to bed, where I coughed my brains out and couldn't sleep.