20170506 ‡ Odd Jobs and Betting

20170506 ‡ UP in the am and everyone doing projects. D headed out to see DGF7's softball game, I worked on a horse track, J rode his bike to the gas station to buy pistachios. D home and race track done, DG&I tore down the soffit on the back porch to remove bird nest and prevent future ones. G's buddy Beckett came over to spend the night, J headed out to a soccer game of a friends and D went to dinner with some buddies. L&I loaded up G and his friend, ran to Wendy's for a bite and then on to see the new Guardian's of the Galaxy. It was a great movie, a lot of action and very funny. Eventually everyone got home, J wrapped in packing tape for some odd reason and we tried out the horse track for some good old family gambling :-) the Gigler boys joined us and we had a good time.