20170512 - DIvided

20170512 - Up in the am feel like I have been hit by a bus. In to work, in the conference room all day making slow but steady progress. L&G left early today to go to Cincinnati for a game, they rode down with another family. I stayed a bit late at work on the phone with GpaW trying to get GmaW's new iPhone working. Home and got D&J and we headed to 5 Guys for a good but way too expensive burger dinner. We watched G's game on the phone and it was not good... D then went to DGF7's for a bit and J&I got the movie 'Split' to watch. Home and J&I headed to the basement to watch his first scary movie :-) it was really good. D got home for the end and then we watched 'Unbreakable' that they tied Split into quite nicely at the very end. Up late coughing my brains out.