20161123 - Setting Out Pheasants

20161123 - Up in the am and did not go into work. Got a bunch of things done around the house and we got on the road about 1pm, got gas and a couple of pizzas from Little Ceaser's to eat on the road. We dropped off a wreath on the way out of town and headed to the Farm. The traffic wasn't as bad as past years and we made good time. John Benepe and his son Logan were there and were installing a door for GpaW, D&I lent a hand, but the door was the wrong size... We headed down to the barn to look at the roof and it is a BIG job, trying to keep it from collapsing... In to the Farmhouse and we helped get things set up and soon Roger and Spencer showed up with the pheasants. DJG&I with Roger, Spencer, John C and Mary headed into the fields with the boxes of pheasants to set them out. We put out 20 birds and it is always an adventure. Everything set up and ready we headed to Chinatown for a nice dinner, then home and watched Eagle Eye. All to bed in good time.