20161109 - CHANGE

20161109 - The election results came in about 3:30am and we have a new President Elect = Donald Trump...  Going to be interesting...  To bed got some sleep.  Up in the morning greeted by many upset friends on social media.  Not exactly happy that Mr. Trump won, but not horribly disappointed I felt I needed to respond to the people I knew and level us all out.  We need to be ONE NATION...

My Statement on the Election:
I have many friends on all sides of all of the various party lines.
I see them today claiming great disgust or rejoicing for the events of last night.
They are unfriending people and creating an even deeper divide in our America.
This can't happen. 
Did you vote? If you didn't, please remove yourself from any political conversation until you learn to exercise your fundamental right to Vote. If you don't get this, you will get nothing else… 
If you did vote and voted for someone other than a Democrat or Republican, than good for you. You may be ahead of many of us in your ideals or beliefs, or you may be way more twisted than the rest of us and do not belong in this conversation.  
The simple fact is that both of the candidates are horrible. If you voted for a specific person based on their values or beliefs you need to do more investigation on that person… I believe this election was NOT about a candidate, it was for change or more of the same.
I do not like change, no one really does, it is scary.
I do not like the path we were on, it is scary.
I am uncertain about the direction our path just took.
However I live in a democracy that was set up to allow change and growth.
I will support the decision my fellow Americans made last night and be a positive force for change.
It is our obligation as Americans to take action to make changes if we do not like the situation we are faced with.
We need to remove the barriers between us.
We need to stand together, talk to each other, learn what each other need, and work together to make this America one we all love and can rally behind.
From a very young age I have pledged an allegiance to the flag,

After work L&G were at baseball conditioning, J&I were on our own so we ran some videos back and then had a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  Home and watched news until late.