20161112 - 11th Annual OSU Football Party

20161112 - Up in the am and G&I headed out to get the final supplies.  Home and everyone helped get ready for the party.  We had some folks come early because the game times were not clear due to last minute scheduling.  That was fine, we put them to work.  Soon more and more folks started coming in.  We had a ton of folks stop by and eat and stay and chat to watch OSU destroy Maryland.  No pinata this year, kids are too big...  A lot more hands off managing the kids though so I guess the change is good.  Had a lot of good conversations with people we don't often get a chance to sit and chat with and are always amazed at the folks we know and how they are interconnected; putting those connections together is always fun.  The sun went down a bit to early and it got really cold really fast.  That didn't slow down the kids though, they were playing outside.  We had a big fire and folks were in and out watching various games throughout the night.  A good time!

After the party died down we cleaned up a bit and headed in for a good nights sleep in our warm beds.