20161126 - GO BUCKS!!!

20161126 - Up in the am and getting a ton of things done at the desk.  Got cleaned up quick, grabbed Doc and then LDJ&I + DGF7 & Doc headed to the Pettit's for our annual OSU Michigan football game.  The Buckeyes offense played HORRIBLE, but our defense kept us in the game and by some stroke of luck adn several heart attacks later the Buckeyes WON!!!  Amazing stressful game.  J had bailed out at halftime to go to his soccer game and then rod his bike to a friends.  D&DGF7 headed out on their own and L&I stopped by Dave's warehouse to pick up things for D to list.  We then swung by and got J and his friend on our way to teh McClain's where we checked out their new TV, had some pizza and watched some more football.  Home and J and his buddy up late on the xbox.