20161117 - Cake Auction

20161117 - UP in the am and in to work. Had a staff meeting and then ran to the BMV to FINALLY get the title for Dylan's car switched around and the license plates corrected. Now I just need to finish up with the Ohio Department of Taxation on this mess... Ran past the sport shop on the way back to the office and traded my ski boots for some gifts for the boys. Back to the office and pounding things out. With the long day over I headed home through horrible traffic: 1 hr to get home... L&J to get groceries with his Patrol then on to a meeting about a school trip out West.  Got D to go to grocery with his Scout Patrol and then he headed to DGF7's. I got home, ate fast and then G&I headed to the Pack 98 Fellers Cake Auction, bought a bunch of cakes and had a good time. Home, everyone there, had some cake. Up late getting things finalized for the Troop Thanksgiving dinner this weekend.