20161105 - Nickel Hockey

20161105 - Up in the am, D headed to a baseball clinic, J&G taking turns playing on the xbox, L&I watched a movie on the couch.  J was picked up to go to soccer, L&G headed out to a bday party for one of G's buddies, and I headed out to run errands: USPS, Glasses place to get temp frames, Goodwill, ABCO, BmB, then home.  D done with baseball and picked me up to get haircuts, groceries, Gahanna Hardware to ask for an Eagle Sponsorship, Home Depot for supplies and dropped a video off.  Home and D took his sink apart, I replaced the toilet seats and got some things done in the office.  I then headed out to the shop to clean it up for the party.  G&I got distracted for a couple of games of nickle hockey, L headed out to have dinner with her girlfriends, D to DGF7's, and J went to a movie with Conor.  Got done in the garage, J home and JG&I headed to the new MOD Pizza for dinner.  home and watched the OSU game, they finally started passing the ball!