20161106 - Jacks Turn to be Chef

20161106 - UP in the am and D headed to the zoo with DGF7, the rest of us went to church.  After church J&I headed out, made a deposit, dropped off a bday present and got some groceries.  Home and L was upstairs painting, J started pealing potatoes, G made a salad and fruit salad.  J then cut up and cooked some meat and mushrooms and made gravy.  It was a great lunch!  L cleaned up and JG&I threw the football for a bit.  The boys took turns playing the xbox and I got some tings done at the desk.  In the evening J went to youth group, G&I played Trouble until time to go down to watch the waling dead.  A couple of the guys stopped over to watch The Walking Dead.  D got home late.