20161124 - Thanksgiving @ the Farm

20161124 - UP in the am and DJG&I got dressed warm and orange and headed out with the hunters: Roger, Johnny, John 3, Sierra, John C, Greg, Christopher, We walked the usual route and D got a bird, J&G hit the brush with sticks and found bones, I got a bird and we all learned we are pretty horrible shots... Back to the farm house and I cleaned my bird and D helped Christopher clean his first bird. 

Up to the house to get cleaned up and then down to the Farmhouse where the Family gathered around the large tables for grace, fellowship and stories like we have for generations. It was a great meal and put most of us to sleep. 

We then mustered up the energy to head up to the Falls for a brisk hike.

Back to the Farmhouse where the ladies worked on a craft and the boys headed out for some more shooting. 

After everyone left we got cleaned up quickly and headed up to Gma&paW's to hang out and watch a movie. Very thankful to have such a big family.