20150522 + ATTENTION!

20150522 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. He was up super late doing extra credit :-)  on to Waffle House to meet with Dave, then in to work for a full day of confusion and meetings. Jack had pool party , froze.  Towards the end of the day GpaW contacted me and said he was at the eye Dr. W/ GmaW...  she was carrying branches to that she had trimmed and one sprang loose and hit her in the eye :-o   I had to run to the bank to get cash for an employee that didn't get paid... Then finished up a class I have been taking online. Off to meet the fam at the ballfield. G's team pictures below at attention during the National Anthem (also at this time #1 in the state...) beat the pants off the Ohio Sharks in 4 innings...  We headed to some friends for the evening. I checked in with GmaW and she went to a second Dr and has a procedure in the morning. :-s