20150525 + Yard Working

20150525 + Up in the am L getting groceries and JG&I tried to get one of Docs rototillers working...  Doc showed up and had one ready to go. D&I tilled the garden it was rough work. We had some lunch and the I got D the keys to the black car and had him drive it from Doc's to our front yard and gave him instructions on washing and cleaning out. LJG&I headed to Home Depot for Supplies. We got our stuff home and distributed the dirt and mulch and got our jobs done. D had the car smelling nice and sparkling clean and drove it back to Doc's. I cooked the meat on the grill and helped J build some sort of scooter contraption. We had a nice dinner and then back outside to make some ice cream that didn't freeze :-(  All boys to bed for a busy week ahead.